Fly by night

Avoid fly by night cargo companies

It is a great fulfillment for overseas Filipino workers around the globe to send their balikbayan boxes to their family back home.

Boxes are wrapped carefully and securely filled with imported items like canned goods, chocolates, clothes and shoes. It is not only the material things that comes along with these boxes, it bears with bundle of love and a reflection of sacrifices of our modern heroes just to see their love one happy in the Philippines.

As a modern way of continuing the pasalubong, balikbayan boxes or a care package sent by our Overseas Filipino workers to their families is a symbol of sacrifices, sleepless nights, “home sick” and filling up the void of emptiness and distance away from their love ones.

With a lot of Filipinos migrating and working abroad to gain financial stabilities, flocking as well are different cargo companies to serve as a bridge for our Filipino workers to send their “love package” to their families.

As Cargo Company is very lucrative business, some small or new companies are trying to lure our Kababayans by offering cheaper price and earlier delivery lead time.

Small or newbie cargo companies are sometimes unregistered and they are seeking to co-load the boxes to established and legal cargo company. Usually these small companies doesn’t have the financial capabilities to sustain the operation and unfortunately they will just vanished without taking full responsibilities of the pick-up boxes from their customers.

So for your next sending of your balikbayan boxes be vigilant. Check first if they have their own proper warehouse, as sometimes this new companies are using only their villa front yard or back yard to store the boxes without taking considerations the extreme summer weather condition and erratic rainy season during the winter. Check their social media accounts. With the trend in technology, facebook page, Instagram and others are the best way to know the stability of a company through customer feedbacks and comments.

Send your balikbayan boxes through established and accredited cargo company and beware of sending your boxes with “FLY BY NIGHT” companies. Take care of your hard earned money, value your sacrifices.