Our storage services can save you time and money allow additional flexibility.

We ensure that all cargoes under our care are safe and secure. Meeting Qatar Civil Defense requirement and installation of latest security cameras and fire preventions systems that in accordance with international standards, well trained and experience staff, you can be confident that your cargo is in safe hands.

We offer personal attention to detail but ensures the confidentiality of the items that being stored in our warehouse.

Implementing proper inventory management, to ensure that pilferage and loss will be avoided. Our staff will furnish you a monthly inventory report for your record keeping.

Guided by the Japanese 5s Warehousing System, our warehouse is clean and organize. Religiously implemented, we are having efficient warehousing operations, our teams are excelling at any training and establishes team work.

Part of our operating procedure is to provide regular pest control in order to keep your goods safe from pets to guarantee that when you take your items back, its original appearance is restored.

Besides, warehousing and normal pick and pack activities, we offer various cost effective, value added services, distribution and managing your whole supply chain. Shaher Cargo are highly professional to serve you with our utmost capabilities.