One of the most tedious part of moving is packing. But if you pack smart, it can eliminate stress when you’re fully prepared and packed before move day arrives. Our team can provide customized packing services as per your needs and requirement.

Whether it is business move or your next home destination our professional team can help you to satisfy your needs. We can provide customized packing services from your big furniture, antiques, mirrors down to your chinaware and glassware.

For business move, our team can do the packing while you are business as usual. We will do our best not to disrupt your operations while eliminating down time from your employees.

With years of experience and expertise coupled with packing training, our staff is not only an expert in office and home moving, our team are professional packers that will ensure the safety and security of your belongings while on transit to your new home. In Shaher Cargo Movers, your beloved and precious belongings are in good care and protected throughout the entire moving process.

We consider as one of industry leader in providing quality packing and wrapping service especially for International Moves and Relocations. Our team is dedicated to provide export wrapping service which is ideal for large containers and long distances move. Our highly trained and specialized team will handle your belongings with the utmost care to ensure the items are not damaged in your new destination.

We always believe in Quality. With that we employ the best quality wrapping products, including bubble wrap packaging and blankets, we utilize our vast experience in the industry to securely and efficiently protect your furniture and goods from the rigors of long distance haulage. An inventory list of your belongings will be given to the team including special instructions in order to make your unpacking easier and stress free.

So for your next move either home or business relocation, domestic or international, bear in mind that Shaher Cargo Movers is here for you!!!