When you are planning to move internationally, there are three ways to transport your household goods or office equipment- by Air, by Sea and Land Transportation.

Depending on your budget, the volume of your items and the things that you will be shifting will give you a pros and cons to each medium of international move you wish to avail.


If you choose to avail the Sea Cargo transport, all your stuffs will be packed and will be put into container. Depending on the size of your items you can choose from a 20-foot to a 40-foot container.

Below is the size equivalent:

20-foot container:

Dimensions: 19 feet, 10 ½ inches long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet, 6 inches in height

Volume: Space is 1,169 cubic feet

Typically moves one to two bedrooms or one car plus some boxes

40-foot container

Dimensions: 40 feet x 8 feet wide x feet, six inches height

Volume: can occupy 2,385 cubic feet

Typically moves three to five bedrooms or one car and two bedrooms.

Shaher Cargo Movers will process all the documentation requirements for export of your personal items. You can choose either in port destination you will do the clearing and delivery of your items, but if you chooses to avail our full service- from loading to the container, loading to port of origin, documentation process to releasing and door to door delivery in your new destination, we are glad to help you out.

Air Cargo Transport

Using this facility is most popular now a days given the advantage of speedier delivery. The air cargo service is higher than comparing to sea cargo. Given the high cost of shipping, Shaher Cargo Movers suggest that you have to downsize all your belongings that you require to have and leave those non-essentials to save the cost.

With its speed and reliability even it is costly is always a sought after service for International Moving and Shifting.

Given its limited space and height, restrictions are need to follow as well. IATA accepted items should be taken considerations and special documentations required for some goods example medicines, dangerous goods and others.

Shaher Cargo Movers will be with you from pre-planning to educate the required papers to process your air cargo shipment.


With its neighboring countries, Shaher Cargo Movers can assist you if you wish to shift throughout neighboring GCC countries which is accessible through land.

Our company owned haulers and experienced and expert drivers will deliver your household or office stuff items safely. Our team can do the packing and loading your items on our wheelers ready for land transport in your new neighboring country destination.


Given the options for International Moving and Shifting, Shaher Cargo will make it for you easier and personalized depending in your budget, urgency and volume of your items.

With our affiliation in FNC our partner forwarders worldwide will assist you to make the stressful shifting an enjoyable and memorable. Learn from the expert and validate with our happy customers.