Our significant offer involves resolutions and services custom made to your business requirements. We value the needs of satisfying and fulfilling your customer is your companies top priority. Shaher Cargo is dedicated in assisting you and your business to adapt to any changes in the market by decreasing your investment risk and aiding you to reach your financial stability.

We are offering business solutions to answer your needs of a proper, standard, systematic, secure and organize warehousing and distribution operations.


In our warehousing services, we provide enough space to our customers to store their finished goods, inbound functions that prepare the items for storage and providing an outbound work that will consolidate, pack and ship yours orders accordingly. We will provide a professional warehousing services that can offer economic and service benefits to your business and to your market.

  • Fulfilment Center- our staffs provide our customers with receipt and storage of goods, inventory management, picking and packing of pallets, cases and/or each based on outbound orders to end customers; infrastructure in place goes from domestic distribution centers.
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation Centers- we deliver consolidation and deconsolidation services that optimizes the distribution of your goods. We provide an organize consolidation and deconsolidation program that will reduce your transport and storage costs, improve your operational efficiencies and cycle times and give you an increased distribution flexibility.
  • Cross docking and Trans loading- our business solution offers the best in the market where it will be beneficial to you in terms of unloading your goods from shipping lines directly loaded to our trucks and trailers thus eradicates the port warehousing which helps to increase workers output and save cost.
  • Bonded or Non-Bonded Warehouse- customize warehousing option depending on the nature of your business. Statutory requirements of the states are considered especially on the procedure of taxable items and incurring duty taxes.


Shaher Cargo will do the ordering processing at our warehouse to the deliveries to your end users- direct customers, retailers or wholesalers- by choosing through Full Truck Load or Less than Truck Loads.

  • FULL TRUCK LOAD – If your product is large enough to suffice a full load truck, benefit the advantage of faster delivery and reduces transit time as it is directly deliver to its destination.
  • LESS THAN TRUCK LOAD – If your parcels, volume wise is enough to share the space of the truck use our facility of deliveries and transportation through our Less Than Truckload or LTL. LTL Shipping is more cost effective and give lots of options. Your goods are transported for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck and trailer for an exclusive shipment.