As for logistics outsourcing, if the company operates logistics activities more cheaply than hires someone to manage it, the company should in source However, if the company operates those activities more expensively than hires someone to do it, the company should consider an outsource.

It can be defined as the strategic use of outside parties to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources. We allocates resources to your company in order to manage your supply chain. We work as an extension of your company, exercising your strategy and driving your initiatives. Our objective is to lead your business to logistics best practices, providing logistics expertise & consultancy support, optimizing your processes and your supply chain.

Here are the benefits of  Logistics outsourcing

  • Single point of contact
  • Open-book management, full transparency
  • Industry best practices benchmarking
  • Data ownership & visibility (reporting)
  • Material flows optimization
  • Substantial logistics costs savings
  • Gain in productivity
  • Global sourcing strategy & synergies