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Door To Door Services

Shaher Cargo offers door-to-door shipping of your balikbayan boxes from Qatar to  PHILIPPINES  both Air and Sea regardless of its destination critical areas or island to island.

For 16 years in service and still counting, through thickness and thin, there is no doubt we can surpass all challenges we will be facing along the way.

Proven with our customer’s reviews which fueled us to be more diligent in work to serve them better.

If you have any package to send to Philippines, we will do it in a timely and secured manner!

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BBlikbayan box

Why Balikbayan Boxes?

Packed with love, care and longingness, BALIKBAYAN boxes are Filipino symbol to bridge themselves with their love one back home.

“Balikbayan” boxes are sort of love letters and personal effects that is rolled into one. It is a way of our Overseas Filipino Workers to feel that they are still part of their family even though they are miles away from home.

Months are being spend to accumulate the gifts such as canned goods, chocolates, clothes, toys and other home necessities then carefully filled in corrugated cardboards. For our OFWs, these balikbayan boxes help to feed their relatives who are struggling, console children who are separated from their parents and give far-flung overseas workers as tangible tether to their families.

An emblem to bridge the distance, fruits from hard works, sleepless nights, scrimped and saved to give the best they can offer back home, truly Balikbayan Boxes will never be out from Filipino culture.

Innate to be loving, caring, and giving, Filipinos will never let their love one back home never taste the goodies from other country might it be new trendy clothes, updated gadgets, wrap with love inside the boxes and happily send it to their family through a door to door facility either by sea or air cargo.

Originated way back from 1980s where Filipinos started to find financial stability overseas, Balikbayan Boxes will always be a representation of Filipino traits and culture.