Proper packing of your goods is one of the crucial part of international shipping as this will ensure that all your goods will arrive safely in your desired destination.

Hiring professional movers and packers will cast your worry away as they equipped with knowledge and know-how especially on different ways of packing depends on the goods that you wish to shipped internationally.

Adequate packaging helps to maintain product quality and reduces loss or damage to the contents while in transit or in storage.

Below are the different ways that we follow to ensure the safety of your items:


Interlocking Stack-

If the cartoon contents are rigid, such as pails of paint, interlocking cartoons will result in increased stability.

Stack boxes corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge, for better stacking strength.

Column Stack

Column stack loads for palletized freight. In almost all cases it increases the top-to-bottom compression strength for most palletized shipments.


Shaher Cargo Movers can pack different kinds of goods from fragile to antiques to delicate chinaware. We employ the used of wooden crates to boxed your precious fragile items.  With this we assure you that your items will be transported with the highest level of quality packaging and crating protection that will eradicate lost due to breakage.


Both Air Cargo and Sea Cargo requires palette type of shipping or depending on the country destination rules and regulations for import and export. With that we use a pallet that will add strength and use as a structural foundation which allows your goods for efficient handling and storage.

For security purposes, all the goods for shipping which is placed in a pallet is securely strap, stretch wrap or pack in a shrink wrap.


Wood blockings are usually use by Logistic companies to protect and secure the items during the shipping.


Shaher Cargo Movers are expert in securing your goods putting in mind the vulnerability of the items being ship from one country to other destination.

We are expert in providing safety to your items especially for international shipping.  We used a state of the art foams from top and the bottom of your boxes may it be an odd shape, which will absorb shocks and vibrations ensuring the security and safety of your goods.


An additional support of your goods especially those who are placed in a pallet through shipping by container of plane.

We at Shaher Cargo Movers uses the aid of stretch wrap a highly stretchable plastic film that we wrapped around your items that will keep your goods tightly bound adding security and safety to your items.


We value the correct labelling to ensure that all your items will be properly delivered to your consignee. Once all your boxes and goods are wrap, details and additional information are label and mark individually in your boxes.

Fragile and breakable items are labeled to warrant a safe handling and additional care during the unloading.


Shaher Cargo will follow the procedures implemented by International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)  to help prevent the worldwide spread of plants, pests and diseases  by using  specially treated wooden packaging material (WPM).